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    Weekend Memorial Time Trial Series

    1:00 pm-2:30 pm
    Woodfern School
    425 Woodfern Road, Hillsborough Township, NJ, United States
    SPECIAL COVID 19 RULES FOR ALL EVENTS: 1. All riders must wear a mask prior to and immediately after event. You must have it with you during event. No mask, no ride! Social distancing enforced. 2. These events are not permitted by USA Cycling and have no insurance or upgrade points. Please stay home and be safe. 3. Entry fee is $5.00 (Cash) per week. No change will be given. Please think ahead and come with a $5 bill. No $ no ride. No registration on race day. Prizes may be donated in lieu of cash. 4. No TT bikes!! Road bikes only. This series is for our enjoyment as clubmates. Pros stay home! Stay safe! 5. No food or drink will be provided after events. Think of your reaching into the ice chest and then throwing your empty back into the chest week in and week out. 6. Series will be handicapped A-B-C. Each week, 2 place points in each class. 1st - 3 pts., 2nd - 2 pts. With 1 point to all others who ride. 7. Series Winners - Trophy + some bike related gift in each handicapped group A-B-C. 8. Promoter has the right to refuse participation to anyone not following his direction. Be good or be gone!!! Stay home. Stay safe! 9. Juniors may not ride without a parent present. 10. Course is open to traffic. All riders must ride on right side of road. Cutting course short through Briar Way or crossing railroad crossing when warning lights are on!?! Your season with us is over. 11. Each week Secretary will send out reminder of TT and ask for you to register online to him. "The Race of Truth". Saturday Time Trial (TT) Series. 1 lap = 7 miles. Park at the Woodfern School in Hillsborough. Registration and warmup at 1:00 pm, Start at 1:30 pm. 1 Lap (7 miles) Individual Time Trial (TT). • 4/10/21: Fred Kuhn Memorial ITT. 1 lap. • 4/17/21: Al Hatos Memorial ITT. 1 lap. • 4/24/21: Jack Simes Jr. Memorial ITT. 1 lap.
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