Directions to the Black River Course

“The Palatine”, the CRCofA first road race of the season, and the Black River Course, a few weeks after “The Palatine”, both start and finish near the small town of Pottersville, less than a mile south of where the Somerset, Hunterdon and Morris County lines converge.  Technically, parts of Pottersville are in both Somerset and Hunterdon Counties.  The Black River Course, considered by many CRCofA Club Members to be our most difficult course, is used for the St. Patrick’s Day Road Race.  The course includes a fair amount of climbing, as well as a dirt section.  Note that the location on the map may not be an exact location, but it should get you very close.  The parking is at an auxiliary parking lot for Hacklebarney State Park, and it’s difficult to get a specific address for the park.