21st Annual Belgian National Day Ride

2019-07-21 7:30 am - 2019-07-21 2:00 pm

SUNDAY, July 21, 2019
Helmets required
Ride, drink, and eat in the best Belgian tradition: rain or shine!
Routes of three different lengths pre-marked, guide sheets provided—or ride a route of your own choosing from the START-FINISH
Ride with like-ability cyclists and/or bring your own riding buddies

Event counts toward Club points! 5 points to participate in the ride, 1 extra point for riders wearing ALL of the Belgian colors (Red, Yellow, Black)

Those of you who have been going to club races recently probably have noticed that Rick and I haven’t been around much during the last month! We have been out of state most of that time dealing with a family issue in western PA. I am a bit overwhelmed and behind on duties and obligations here at home in NJ, and have missed a lot of riding!!

This weekend, while Sunday is the actual, true Belgian National Day in Belgium (July 21), and also our 21st annual Belgian Day Ride, it is supposed to be the hottest, most humid weekend of the summer so far! I doubt anyone really wants to have a picnic Sunday afternoon on our patio which will no doubt be an oven. Temps predicted in mid to upper 90s!!!

In view of those two significant realities, we are changing the format for our “Belgian Day Ride and Picnic” for 2019. I truly don’t want to cancel outright as this is now a 20 year tradition and one of the main club social rides of the year. I believe this compromise will appeal to all and I promise we will be back to our normal all-day picnic at our house next year!

Meet at the Duke Farms Car Parking Lot: https://goo.gl/maps/PjX2KCNSGCTCj7Jw6
This is on Dukes Parkway West just a half mile west of Rt. 206 in Hillsborough. Turn into the parking lot (entrance is on the south side of Dukes Parkway west) and take the first right. Meet/park along the row of spaces the furthest away from the large “Farm Barn” visitor center. Duke Farms does not actually open until 8:30 a.m. so no bathrooms are available, but the lot is not gated and may be used for parking.

Meet no later than 7:30 a.m., sign in, take sheets, and info, leave by 8:00 a.m. to avoid the heat. Don’t be late! I will be there before 7:30 with light refreshment, but bring plenty of your own water and eat a good breakfast before coming!
Start EARLY. and lets all be in the cool cafe before noon heats up the oven!

After the ride, we will all meet again at the cars and then go into the now-open visitor center in the “Farm Barn” in which is located the excellent Farm Barn Cafe where Rick and I will host everyone for a post ride lunch! If you are late in returning, just load up your bike then come in and join our group. Below is a link to their menu:

I have designed courses of three lengths. All courses are marked with 2-3 arrows painted on the road at each turn and some “straight-across” intersections. Everyone will begin by following the orange arrows. The 25 mile option will peel off first following white cut-off arrows; then the 38 mile option will cut-off, and finally, the true masochists will continue on the 52 mile full option. I designed these courses trying to pass by as many open delis and places to get food, and more importantly drink! I shortened the “long” course this year because of the heat. If you insist on doing more, ride your bike to Duke Farms instead of driving! LOL! If you are not riding (spouses or kids) and want to join us, you are welcome at lunch but your rider/family member will have to text you when he/she is nearing the end of the ride.

I will also try to provide cue sheets and have some maps to share for all three courses at the start! However, everyone is urged to download the Garmin courses to their GPS or ride with someone who has done so. (Sorry I don’t use “Ride with GPS”)! Course links are below. You must have Garmin Express on your computer to download these or know how to convert these to the Ride with GPS format.

Link for main 52 mile course: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/26146678
Link for the 38 mile cut-off course: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/26101769
Link for the 25 mile cut-off course: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/26101788

RSVP would be appreciated: mckees11@comcast.net and/or 908-874-6524 (home) or if you need to reach me after 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, call my (Barb’s) cell at 908-256-3898, but no voice mail will be heard or answered on my cell!! Texting is o.k.

Hope to see everyone on Sunday,